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AP US Government and Politics

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Aiming for a high score on your AP US Government and Politics exam? Look no further! Dynamic Paths AP US Government and Politics Exam Prep app is the perfect tool to help students properly prepare for the multiple choice portion of this competitive test.

The module contains 120 simulated exam questions, covering nearly all topics on the exam, including:
- Government policy in the United States
- Important political events and decisions
- Key concepts in government relations
- The Constitution
- General terminology

Each multiple-choice question is paired with a clear and thoughtful explanation and a highly-detailed Key Takeaway that summarizes the main learning point of the question, event, or concept discussed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. Whether you are taking the test for the first time or striving to improve your score, this app will be a highly useful component of your test preparation!

Dynamic Path is not affiliated with, nor is this app endorsed by, College Board or the ETS.